Fiber Glass Pool Shapes

    • Fiberglass Pools come to you as a finished product with quality control done at the factory. Vinyl liner pools come in a kit form that needs to be assembled in your yard. Most times by inexperienced summer help.


    • Fiberglass Pools have no vinyl liner to replace – EVER! Average cost to replace a vinyl liner –$2950.00. Most customers will need to replace the liner TWICE in the time they own their pool. That’s almost $6000.00 for liners!


    • Fiberglass Pools stay cleaner and require less vacuuming time. Maintenance is reduced by 90% due to the non-porous finish of fiberglass. More fun – less work!


    • Fiberglass Pools use 60% less chemicals because the non-porous interior does not harbor bacteria and permit algae growth as does a vinyl liner pool.


    • Fiberglass Pools use less electricity because you do not have to run your filter 24 hrs. per day.


    • Fiberglass Pools stay 12% warmer because of the bright interior finish, stone Dust base under the pool, and the stone Dust backfill which holds the heat in the pool. Save money on heating costs!!!


    • Fiberglass Pools don’t leak!! Pool is factory molded in one piece. No joints, no seams, no gaskets, no calking — no liner!


    • Fiberglass Pools last longer!! They are 17 times stronger than concrete, can flex up to 1 ft without a fracture and are virtually bullet proof. Plus they can’t rot or corrode, don’t depreciate and if you ever move – take it with you!


  • It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…..You can be swimming in as little as 10 days!


dolphin white pool color
Dolphin White
beach sand pool color
Beach Sand
pearl blue pool color
Pearl Blue
ocean blue pool color
Ocean Blue
midnight blue pool color
Midnight Blue
midnight blue pool color

Beach Cove New!12′ x 30′ x 4’6″

North Beach New!12′ x 31′

Funledge New!13′ x 27′

Sun Beach New!14′ x 31′ x 6’4″

Palm Beach14' x 31' x 6'4"

Island Beach15'6" x 37' x 6'4"

Lap Diamond12' x 38' x 4'6"

Eagle Ray8’6" x 17’ x 4’6”

Sunfish8’ x 20’ x 4’6”

Sundial13' x 20' x 4'11"

Stingray I8’6” x 26’ x 4’6”

Stingray II10' x 26' x 4'6"

Stingray III12’ x 26’ x 4’6”

Bahamas10’ x 24’ x 5’6”

Cancun12’ x 25’ x 5’4”

Acapulco12’6" x 29’ x 5’10”

Tiger Shark13' x 31' x 5'10"

Aruba New!12’6” x 18’ x 5’

Manta Ray New!8’6” x 15’ x 4’6”

Sun Cove New!10 x 25

Key West New!10′ x 20′ x 4’6″

Sunledge Oasis New!13′ x 33′

Angelfish13’ x 31’ x 5’8”

Waikiki14’ x 30’ x 5’4”

Oasis I13’ x 33’ x 6’2”

Oasis II15’6” x 36’ x 6’5”

Costa Rica15’ x 34’ x 6’

Azures I13’ x 35’ x 4’

Azures II13' x 35' x 6'

Maui15’ x 34’ x 6’6”

Honolulu I15' x 35' x 4'

Honolulu II15’ x 35’ x 6’

Dolphin I16' x 38' x 6'6"

Orca Jr16' x 40' x 6'3"

** All dimensions are to outside edge. Length, width & depth may vary. **

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